Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yoga Teachers Love Obama and How to Get Off the Mat and Into the Polls!

In case you were wondering, yoga teachers apparently love Obama.  That's according to a recent article on The Daily Beast, which combed data from the Federal Election Commission's latest filings listing contributions to the candidates from individual donors in the election cycle so far.  Other professions big on Obama include retirees, lawyers, teachers, firefighters and rabbis.  Romney fans include ranchers, wealth traders (quelle surprise), farmers and homemakers (how they categorize that, I'd like to know.)

According to the article, yoga instructors donated $58,324.50 for Obama vs $5,515.00 in  total donations for Romney. And Obama has 473 such donors compared to 4 who have given to Romney.

So what does the discriminating Obama-lovin' yogini wear?  Obama's clever fundraising staff had that all figured out with these groovy yoga pants:

Unfortunately, these are no longer available : ( but you can still peruse the Obama Store for other sweat-worthy options.  BTW, color me very impressed by how extensive (and specific) the online catalog is.  This campaign is covering ALL the bases.

So seriously, what is the yoga community doing to motivate all of us to vote?  Glad you asked, check out Off the Mat and Into the World.  Its a nonprofit program "dedicated to bridging yoga and activism. OTM’s mission is to use the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and ignite grassroots social change."  Pretty cool huh?  Check out their website to learn more about this awesome organization and how to get involved.  

Also check out their YogaVotes campaign, which is focused on getting the yoga community off the mat and into the polls.  Described on their website as "a nonpartisan campaign to awaken a new demographic of mindful voters, sparking higher voter turnout among the 20 million Americans who practice yoga." YogaVotes is not only trying to mobilize this community but also demonstrate that "the yoga community is a block of conscious voters, engaging in politics in a new and impactful way."

I personally feel this is a natural extension of the awareness and compassion that regular yoga practice can cultivate.   Both of these programs have many options for getting involved, so check them out and get moving (and voting)!

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