Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello, its me.

How the heck y'all doing?

Me, I've been good, just sucked into the vortex of life, work, family, etc...

Family is great, thanks for asking.  And you?

Yes, still doing the yoga but not daily, I'm afraid.  That particular ship set sail along with last year's fashions and yesterday's news. I manage a few days per week plus some cardio and a new obsession, The Bar Method.  I consider myself in pretty ok shape and this workout literally kicks my ass (and arms, abs, thighs, etc.)

Well, glad you brought it up.  The reason I'm getting back in touch is to a) let you know I'm still alive; b) update everyone on what's happened since I last blogged; and, c) try to reinvigorate and expand the blog so I can keep writing.

Yes, I do use bullet points in conversation, as a matter of fact. Do you want a bulleted list of reasons why?

Oh, ok.

The new focus?  Well, like many of you, I'm a busy working parent.  I have lots of irons in lots of fires and, every once in awhile, I actually find something that might be of use to someone else.  Sometimes its a resource for how to find/buy/do something faster/cheaper/easier/prettier than you could otherwise.  Sometimes its a bitchin' recipe for how to use up that bumper crop of whatever from the garden.  Other times, it may be a fabulous find made locally on one of our travels.  You get the idea.  I'm no Martha Stewart (thank God, she's a minion of Satan) nor am I all that and a bag of chips.  I'm just like you...I just happen to be dumb enough to have a blog.

I know, I know, the name of the blog doesn't really fit anymore.  Stay tuned while I figure that out.

Thanks, you too. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Was wondering what happened to this and you, especially since I've now taken up Ashtanga Flow. I can't get to class any more often than once a week, but it's the first yoga I've ever done where I can really get in to the meditative aspect of it and I'm enjoying it a lot.

    Can't wait to read your next chapter!