Friday, October 14, 2011

Lose the Battle, Win the War

Let me start off by apologizing.  I have ignored my blogging duties horribly and have little excuse.  Those of you who know me might be surprised by my easy acknowledgement and apparent lack of self-flagellating guilt about this.  Let me explain:  we as working moms live in a perpetual state of failure.  And there’s not much we can do about it.  Face it, there are only so many hours in a day and just so much you can cram into it.  Between the taxi duties, work schedule, daily yoga (more on that in a sec), domestic diva chores and all the rest, something really DOES have to give.  For me it was this blog. 

I’d promise not to do it again but I just may.  But know I won’t mean it.  And I say this as much to myself as to those brave, sweet souls who take the time to read me (Mom and Dad, Danielle and Julie, I thank you.)

So how has the challenge been going?  Well, I’ll tell you. Look at the title of this post.  I can say with aplomb that I have NOT done yoga daily since we last spoke.  WHAT??? (Read this as if it’s being said by Borat, please) Yes, I’ve lost that battle, albeit not by too much.  I HAVE managed to make it most days, I’ll admit, even if it’s just a bit of downward dog in the shower (out of the gutter, please) or some sleeping pigeon before I wake Pixie up.  And I did miss on the day we flew to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, but can you blame me? Flyboy and I DID practice together while we were there and that was really nice.  I would have practiced outside on the beach but the resort wanted to charge me $15 for that privilege so I threw a towel on the hotel room floor and did the business there instead.

The main reason I don’t feel so bad about this admission is that I have truly won the war, which was the point all along.  Yoga is now as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth and reruns of 48 Hours on ID playing in the background as I work (Lester Holt, you truly have the sweetest job on TV.)  My main goals were to make yoga a lifelong habit AND find a way to inject balance and peace into my hectic day-to-day.  Check and check.  Proof?  In all the years Flyboy and I have vacationed in Hawaii, this was the first time for two things:  a trip without my back completely imploding as soon as it realized I was truly on vacation, AND almost zero road rage at the local Hawaiian driving style (the ONLY state with a posted minimum speed on roads – and with good reason.)  Both my husband and I thank you, Yoga.

In fact, it may be yoga that I, ironically, have to thank for being at peace with my challenge misses.  It’s all good if you hit your original target but isn’t even better if you discover another, better one along the way?

Days completed:  81
Days to go:  19