Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I’ve Learned While Doing Yoga

Yoga is equal parts naval-gazing (literally and figuratively) and quiet determination.  This means you get to spend some quality time with yourself, whether you like the company or not.  You also get to spend some time looking at just about everything – from your thighs to your priorities – from a bit of a different angle.  After more than one month of yoga, here’s what I’ve uncovered:

Lying down on the ground in the middle of the day feels REALLY good (note to self:  perhaps try this while on a long conference call.)

The rug under my couch is much dirtier than I could have imagined. Now I know where all the cat hair and errant bits of after-dinner snacks disappear to.

Based on how much I yawn during my practice, I realize I am oxygen-deprived.  It’s a miracle I don’t pass out on a regular basis.

I make way too many lists.  Yoga gives me room to focus and helps me put all the shoulds and wants into the right order and perspective – without a list.

I stoop.  How do I know?  I’ve actually had to adjust the seat and mirrors in my car since starting yoga – my posture has changed that much.

If I have time for yoga, I have time for other good-for-me things, not just work and endless mommy/wife/worker activities.

I know how to be in the present.  Felicia Tomasko on YogaGlo often says during her video sessions, “what can you do in this moment to get more out of - or enjoy - this pose?”  I think that applies to life in general.  What can you do in THIS moment to enjoy what you’re doing and get more out of it?

Yoga pants may make your ass look better but its still stretchy workout fabric and thus your friend AND your enemy.  There’s a reason that wearing these fabrics should be a privilege and not a right, people.

YogaGlo must emit a sound that only cranky cats and children can hear; they gravitate towards it – and me – like moths to a flame as soon as I start a session.  Must invest in better door lock.

What have you learned from yoga lately?

Practice has been a bit all over the place but overall more craptastic than I’d like.   As I hit the midway mark, yoga is now definitely a habit, possibly an addiction (more on that in an upcoming post) but its also easy to let it slide.  And if you don’t get in a good practice for several days, you can forget how much better you feel after a long session than a short one.  There’s certainly room for both but I think part of what keeps me coming back is the way it makes me feel - I need to stay connected to that.

Days completed: 45
Days to go:  55

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