Monday, August 22, 2011

The Yoga Pant Monologues

The internal monologue goes something like this: 

“Dagnabbit, I have to run to the store for Pamprin, cat food, pull-ups and Vodka, I guess I should change out of my yoga pants before I head out.“

“I’m just going to the store; who’s going to see me?  Natalie the wine steward, who knows all my dark secrets anyway?”

“Why change?  After all, I really, really am going to work out later.”

“And these $98 yoga pants DO make my posterior look awesome. What if just I add a cute top and some Tory flats or Bernardo sandals?”

Sound familiar?  Raise your hands if you’ve NEVER shopped, gotten gas, picked up the kids or run some other errand in your yoga wear.  Okay, all of you with your hands up are fibbing.  We all do it.  The more serious offense, the one that makes this one seem almost okay, is to try to get away with yoga pants at work.  At work? Yep, there’s a debate raging on the interweb about this one right now and I swear there are ladies out there who have themselves 100% convinced this is okay. 

Let me set you straight:  It is NEVER OKAY to wear to work something that you’ve sweat in, worn panty-less or while attempting a position called downward-facing anything.  NEVER.  Unless you’re a yoga instructor.

Now that we’ve established that you should limit wearing yoga pants to the home, yoga studio or gym, which are the best?  I’m sure some of you have succumbed to the Lululemon fever; others are in the throws of Lucy love.  Still others are working it out with Gap Body or even Target yoga wear.  Wear what you like and can afford.  For those still seeking the perfect pair, read on for my take on a few of the top brands.

These are my favorite pants, hands down.  Why?  Let me quote the website: Featuring xBAR technology (eXtreme Body Reforming & Alignment) and the ultra-compressive lucy powermax, the Perfect Core Pant features strategically placed mesh insets on the abdominal and lower back, reminding you to keep the core engaged and your body in alignment. Oh, and the added benefit: it smoothes and shapes problem areas!”  These pants do feel fantastic and do really make you look leaner and more toned, without the muffin-top or any other side effects that compression can create.  Oh, and they come in three lengths and are a dream to wash.  I have one pair and another on the way.

As the ad on their website says, these are the pants you’re best friend told you about.  These pants are addictions to the scores of women who swear that the fabric, combined with the pant cut make their backside look dramatically better.  Who wouldn’t pay dearly for that?  I have one pair of these and they really live up to the hype, but two nits keep them from being my favorite; they don’t come in a short length and are fussy in the laundry. 

Apparently, this is the preferred yoga wear of Hollywood hardbodies Jennifer Anniston, Cindy Crawford, etc.  These are the first yoga pants I bought when I started this quest primarily because I got them for a great price on Amazon and came in great colors.  While these are not my favorites, they’re great go-to pants. 

Prana Mahdia Pant: (I believe this style is discontinued; extremely similar to the Lolita pant)
I have loved Prana forever and used to covet their pants for the gym.  But these pants do not impress.  A bit loose and WAY long.  And they don’t come in lengths.  Good thing I got them on clearance.  I’ll save my money for Lulu or Lucy.

Don’t let anyone fool you, the Nomad Pant, while beautiful and flattering is not yoga wear.  The pant legs are super wide and flowy, making it downright treacherous in many poses.  That said, they’re wonderful as lounge wear and DO work for a trip to the store or school.  And they come in yummy colors and are made in the US.  The Nomad leggings COULD be used for yoga but I don’t think I’d do much beyond a gentle restorative practice. The fabric isn’t all that sturdy and the cute pull-down skirt overlay would probably either stretch out or get annoying after awhile. But they’re super-cute and again, come in fantastic colors.  Barefoot Yoga has the absolute best selection and price on this brand online, if you’re interested.

That’s my take on yoga pants so far; feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions!

Yoga today is going to be a short Vinyasa Flow session.  FYI, I also just got a 7-day free pass to My Yoga Online, which looks to be a rival to my dear YogaGlo.  I'll check it out and let you know more about it in an upcoming post.

Days completed:  28
Days to go:  72

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  1. One thing I would add about Lucy (although I wear my Lucy pants for Jazzercise, not yoga): they are the only brand that makes a long pant that fits me without requiring hemming, and that's a HUGE deal for me. It totally makes it easier to justify spending the money...