Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yoga Before Wine, That’s Fine. Wine Before Yoga, Say Nein!

After more than one month of daily practice, I’m happy to report that yoga has positively impacted many aspects of my life and health. I’m also happy to report that it hasn’t messed at all with my drinking.  And I’m okay with that.  After all, cocktail hour at our house is a big deal.  So big, in fact, that Pixie can announce its onset daily with deadly accuracy.  Please don’t infer a nightly boozefest; Flyboy and I just happen to enjoy the simple pleasure of mixing adult beverages (preferably ones that translate into a mocktail version for the little one) we can imbibe while enjoying our newly improved garden.

Mmmm, Banana Strawberry Daquiris on the veranda? Yes, please!
That said, I cannot wrap my head around the ongoing trend of slapping booze and yoga together, particularly wine.  I loves me a good glass as much or possibly more than the next yogini, but there is NO appeal for me in imbibing right before doing poses requiring balance or that I’m called to do as a fast sequence.   The potential consequences of this combination are myriad and unpleasant.

Wine after yoga?  Okay, I see it (and have certainly done it) but will confess it’s usually not the first thing I crave after a good session.  Glass of water?  Sure.  A shower?  Sometimes.  Absolutely nothing?  More and more often.

I've selected a sweet one-hour core hatha session today that I can fit in between negotiating colors with the house painters, conference calls and school drop-off/pick-up duties.  I’m coming to the conclusion that flow may not be my thing after all.  I think I like it slow and steady, not fast and furious (pause for double entendre and insert dirty chuckle here).  Yoga Bitch author Suzanne Morrison sums up the flow/no flow debate fabulously (and hilariously) in her recent post, “Confessions of a Recovering Flowtard.”

Days completed:  37
Days to go:  63

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