Monday, August 15, 2011

Top Three Tuesdays: 3 Great Yoga Infographics

This is the first of a weekly round-up of the best new blog posts and graphics out there on Yoga.  This week, I’m sharing three wonderful Yoga infographics from YogaDork and Alison Hinks:

This is a brilliant chart from Alison Hinks that helps you determine what kind of yoga may fit your needs and style.  It’s very, very pretty too!

This chart, also from the talented Alison Hinks, offers a detailed look at all 7 Chakras.  Its pretty small so you’ll want to copy and magnify to see all the deets in here.

And this is a humorous chart from a recent post on YogaDork .  WARNING:  For those allergic to anything slightly “risqué” or who are humor-deficient, read at your own risk.

Today’s workout:  Short and pretty pathetic 10-minute restorative.  Back-to-back long sessions this weekend kicked me in the yoga pants.

Days completed:  22
Days to go:  78

PS:  I know its only Monday but I couldn't wait to share!!

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