Thursday, August 11, 2011

That B***h Needs Some Yoga

I am you.  A working parent who juggles work, raising children, household duties, family responsibilities and whatever it is that keeps you sane. I am that busy person who fumes and curses at the FedEx van as it parks in the middle of the street to deliver Mrs. McGillicuddy's 51-piece set of QVC-exclusive Emeril cookware, forcing me to sit and stew until said delivery is done. I'm the shopper scurrying through grocery store and careening past the little old lady with the slow cart, softly chastising both the old lady and myself.  I'm definitely that driver who flips off the crazy Berkeley octogenarian in his 30-year old smog-spewing Volvo station wagon who spontaneously decides a slow, deliberate five-point turn is a great idea at 5:05 pm in traffic - on the street I'm trying desperately to navigate to pick up dry cleaning, get to the store, drop off the kids, etc.

And for most of us this goes on for years.  I myself spent almost a decade in the corporate world, suffering a two-hour long commute to offices filled mostly with do-nothing blowhards working hard to protect their jobs...and not much else.  This didn't make for a happy camper at home OR on the roads, believe me.

But now my life is pretty sweet.  I get to work from home at a job I love, spend serious quality time with my wonderful family and pursue the things I enjoy. I honestly don't have much to complain about.  But careen through the store I've still gone, still found reasons to give my middle finger a regular workout and generally still acted as if the devil is after me unless I get it all done RIGHT NOW.

Enter yoga.  After nearly three weeks of daily practice, I can honestly say I notice the difference and here's how:  I can spot the old "me" from 50 paces.  There she is, rolling her eyes at the person ahead of her in line at Peet's who appears to be making the act of ordering coffee a life-long vocation.  Or the woman honking at the dapper elderly couple taking their own sweet time climbing into their politically correct Prius at Berkeley Bowl. And all-of-a-sudden it looks pretty ridiculous to me to get so worked up over something so transitory and small.

I hope I'm not preaching or overstating here but the world - or at least my little zip code-sized area of it - would be a much happier place if everyone would get their yoga on and chill the hell out.  Please....

Today's workout was Vinyasa Flow, which is the most athletic and sweat-producing.  So far I've only been able to do about 2 Vinyasa sessions/week. The rest have been a mix of Hatha, Yin and Anusara.  There are several good descriptions of yoga types out there and they can be somewhat confusing - this one is a good start.  All that really matters is that you find the type that works for you.

Days completed: 18
Days to go: 82


  1. Chimene -- I didn't know you had started a blog! I enjoyed this post and look forward to hearing more about your journey...

  2. Love this! Tonight my workout will be vinyasa as well. XO