Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My 100 Day Journey Begins

It all started when Gwyneth Paltrow became my BFF. Well, sort of. So I was perusing Gwynie's blog, Goop to find out how this fabulous slip of a woman does it all (answer: a combination of sweat, inspiration and LOTS of help) and ran across a post where she talks about yoga. Yoga has been on my list of things to do forever as I have a bad back, wish I weighed about 20 pounds less than I do and fear the creeping onset of middle age and all it promises (none of it good.)

So I'm reading dear GP's words of inspiration and she mentions a website called Yogaglo as a great place for busy working mums to get their yoga on in the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule. Hmm, I say to myself, let's check it out! So off I toddle and, lo and behold, its AWESOME! For the price of one uppity Berkeley yoga studio class, I can get ALL the yoga I want! And I can sort by style, teacher and duration! So if I only have 10 minutes, I can still fit a practice in!!

Now I've tried yoga before and I've never loved it enough to stick with it. Either I don't have time to get my ass to a 60-minute class that's the right style at the right time in the right place or I think I'd rather spend my precious exercise time at the gym instead of doing what I consider a pussy workout. But now, as I slowly melt into the couch at night, I notice my ass is getting bigger and my ability to pick up my daughter (or just something off the floor) has diminished. And I HATE the new gym I joined. Oh, and I don't want to end up like others in my family with limited mobility and extensive pain doing every day tasks as they age. I want to end up like my husband's family, who, in their 60s, are able to take 2- and 3- month trips abroad traveling across countries and continents.

So I signed up for the free two-week pass, not sure if yoga would seem any more useful or enjoyable this time.

Boy was I wrong. I LOVE IT.

And its a GREAT workout! I have been sore after every practice. I realize that may not sound like a positive but when you've been a gym rat for as many years as I have; its the typical metric of a successful workout. If you're not sore, you didn't do it right or hard enough (don't go there...)

Which brings me to this blog. I've decided (and I know this will be VERY ironic to long-time yoga practitioners) to take the 100 day yoga challenge. I'm going to try to do at least 10 minutes of yoga every day for 100 days. And I'm going to write about it in this blog. What happens to my body, mind and spirit. How I'll manage to fit in the practice. What I'm wearing (ok, only insofar as I'll mention any new yoga duds or stuff I try out), where this journey takes me.

Oh, did I mention that I've already started? I actually decided to take this on 16 days ago so technically this is the 84 day yoga challenge, but who's splitting hairs.

Please feel free to join me (virtually) if you like. At a minimum, feel free to sit back, grab an adult beverage and read my blog.

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