Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Most Important Meal of the Day – Berkeley Style

I confess, I’m a cheap date.  I owe it to my Mom.  When I was small, it was just the two of us for a while and we didn’t have much money.  So a big treat was a trip for donuts or Casper’s Hot Dogs.  As a result, these cheap eats are still high on my list as treats from time to time.  Living in Berkeley, these foods can get as high-falutin’ as you like, from artisan sausages to hand-crafted donuts, but they’re still hot dogs and donuts to me and remain high on my list.

This morning after dropping off my husband, Flyboy (super-secret spy name for my wonderful spouse) at the airport, I treated myself and Pixie to donuts from Pepples Donut Farm, a wonderful (if pricey) donut shop here in Berkeley. Offering a startling array of vegan donuts (and weekend brunch), the Donut Farm is typical of the restaurants, cafes and even food trucks here in the Bay Area that are really good at honoring, reinventing, and elevating humble foods. 

We opted for Chocolate Cookie, Orange Creamsicle and Meyer Lemon donuts and ate them at home in front of the TV, picnic-style with hot cocoa. Perhaps not the most nutritious start to the day for Pixie OR me but hey, she’s had a tough first week at her new school and we could both use some down time together.

I’m also not sure if donuts are the best foundation for a long Vinyasa Flow workout later today but at least they’re organic and vegan.  That's gotta count for something, right?

Days completed:  26
Days to go:  74

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