Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its a Short One Today

So today's practice was a short one. I'm realizing one of the greatest things about doing yoga at home is how you can squeeze it in when you have even just a little spare time. Today it was right after lunch and before Pixie (superspy codename I'll be using for our daughter) woke up. Just a quick restorative practice to ease the back soreness, which hasn't really left me since I started this journey. But I have to believe that this is a good soreness as YEARS of being "stuck", stiff and tight have built up in what I think of as layers of silt and plaque. So it will take time to undo.

As for the rest of it, I realize that I actually feel fairly crummy today because I ate like crap yesterday. So its true that yoga will put you in closer touch with your body. I'm going to start trying to listen to it more closely and take better care. I'm actually looking into ayurvedic cooking and got a recommendation for a cookbook called Heaven's Banquet. I'd love to peruse the recipes before purchasing but the demise of bookstores makes that difficult. I may just add it to my Amazon wishlist and cross my fingers.

I've also noticed that I'm thinking a bit differently about my body. In fact, on my way to pick up Pixie I was thinking about how good I looked in my wedding pictures but how critical I remember being about myself on that day. And how I don't want to look back at this day and notice the same disconnect. I am a curvy 40-something woman who looks pretty good in these Lululemon yoga pants and is now taking very good care of herself. I need to let go of the self-judgment.

As someone once said, yoga works even if you don't believe in it.

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