Friday, August 12, 2011

Hmm, That’s Weird

A couple of weeks ago, Pixie made me realize this is a very common saying in our house.  She’s potty training and the current phase involves a meaningful amount of encouragement mixed with verbal prodding to get her to go. The usual response is (always screamed), “I wanna do it myself, myself, MYSELF!!” punctuated by running to the loo of choice.  So a couple of weeks ago she’s in the necessarium taking care of business and I hear her say, “Hmm, that’s weird.” 

Now I’m sitting in the other room in my comfy brown chair enjoying five minutes of repose so I have absolutely no friggin’ idea what she’s referring to. Binky dropped in the bowl? Poop smeared on the wall? A pedophili-maniac leering at her through the window?  The mind reels.  So in I run and she’s sitting there, giggling and holding up exactly one square of toilet paper.  This is when I realized we must say this ALL the time if she’s picked up on it and is using it.

So now I notice when I say it.  Lately it’s been whenever I realize I’m sore in some completely random place in my body.  First it was the right second toe, then both second toes.  Then my ribs, but only on the right side. Now it’s the muscle between my thumb and index finger on both hands.  The same muscle that grew to freakish proportions when I played field hockey in high school.

I figure this must be because yoga is causing me to uncover and correct some weird posture issues and because I’m using muscles in new ways.  And as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been sore all over every day since I started this whole endeavor.  But the second toe on my right foot?  Really?  What exactly am I doing wrong – or right – to cause THAT to be the place I feel it the most?   Makes me realize how deep yoga goes and on so many levels.  Also makes me realize how far I have yet to go on this journey.

As my friend, surf master Dan, once said, “you have to break that s*** down before you can build it up.”  Word.

Today’s workout was a lovely 30-minute morning Anusara series that I actually DID in the morning.  I’ve been experimenting with yoga at different times of the day, schedule permitting, and so far I think I prefer lunchtime.  I’ve never been a morning workout person and evenings are just too hectic so this feels like a good time to take a break and reset for the afternoon.  This may change again tho, as Pixie starts full day nursery school (gulp!) next week so I’ll have more flexibility in my schedule.

I’m also trying to narrow down my “favorite” workouts on YogaGlo to a reasonable number that I can do every week and try to memorize for those times I may not have access to a computer. It will likely be a mix of sessions that includes various styles and durations to satisfy varying time constraints, back pain levels and my ADD tendencies. 

Talk to you next week.

Days completed:  19
Days to go:  81


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