Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does Your Back Hurt Mama?

Sad but true - its a question my dear Pixie asks me every day as she sees me wince my way in and out of chairs, up and down stairs and help her navigate on and off the loo, changing table and other child contraptions. She's even taken to grabbing her own back and saying, "oh mama, my back hurts." This saddens me on two levels. First, that Pixie has a cripple for a mama - its not bad enough that I'm fewer than 10 years away from being eligible for an AARP card and have a toddler underfoot. Second, that she is even exposed to my infirmities to the point that she wants to mimic them.

The answer? Teach her yoga! Yes, I'm happy to report that now she follows up her back pain question to me with, "mama you need to do some yogurt!" (She's soo close I hate to correct her. Plus its super cute.) She even wants to do "yogurt" with me! So I taught her a couple of poses. She particularly likes happy baby and downward facing dog. She likes it so much that I found a few more to teach her. Try it with your kiddos and you might just have yogurt lovers for life!

Oh and my practice today? It was another gentle session with the lovely Felicia Tomasko on Yogaglo (I heart you and your gentle, loving ways, Felicia) focused on the back. Its truly amazing how you can feel so much power and strength in your own body when it APPEARS you're doing so little. I hope I can handle a longer Vinyasa session tomorrow but it will depend on the back.

As to the rest, I am finding myself communicating with others differently. I realize I can be a bull in a china shop when I'm passionate about something and it can create anxiety in me and everyone around me. Now, and I can't say whether its down to the mysterious power of yoga or not, I find myself less frantic to get my points across; I'm even talking slower! Its a nice, albeit very odd change in husband sure loves it! I said it before and I'll say it again, it works even if you don't believe in it...

Talk to you tomorrow.

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